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Purpose of this site

Why I took the time to write this site

My Mission Statement

To provide a source of factual (not-so-clinical) information for teenage and pre-teen boys about their sexual development and other important life issues.

This site is Christian based and draws its information from selected, balanced sources held in high regard across many denominations as well as the author's own experiences working with adolescent boys. The fact that the site has a christian basis means there is a wide cross-section of consensus and the writings are more than one individual's ramblings!

I was teaching a young boy to ride a motor cycle, something he had been eagerly looking forward to. Because the experience was new to him he was over-reacting by swinging the handle bars wildly while he was going along, over accelerating when it wasn't safe and applying the brakes too hard and losing control. It all scared him! He never dreamed it would be like that! Each time the bike started getting out of control, I would reach forward and steady the handlebars or ease the accelerator back a bit.

This monumental event he was looking forward to so much could easily have been his undoing if I wasn't there to steady him, to reassure him and tell him how things should be handled.

That is the purpose of this site - to reach out and steady the handle bars and ease up the accelerator a bit in teenage boys' lives who are feeling a little out of control.


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