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Safe Sex?

Should be called Slightly-Safer-Sex!
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We have all heard about the need to practice safe sex... but just how safe is safe sex?

What is safe sex?

Safe sex usually means having sexual relations (sex) with another person in a way that prevents the chance of catching a Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) or getting a girl pregnant. Condoms are given as the answer - but are condoms really the answer?

The implied message is that you can have sex and no bad consequences will happen to you - all you will get from the experience is pleasure. What an absolutely perfect situation (it appears)!


image of typical boyVery thin rubber covering placed over your penis to prevent actual skin-to-skin contact with your sex partner. Designed to prevent semen from entering the other person as well as transfer of disease from person to person.
Oral sex
Sex using your mouth to stimulate another person's genitals or vice-versa.

How effective are condoms?

Situation Results
Genital Warts STD no safer
Herpes STD 50% safer
Gonorrhea STD 50% safer
Chlamydia STD 50% safer
HIV STD 85% safer
Pregnancy 86% safer

image of genital wartsAdd to this the fact that 3% of condoms break or slip off and less that 50% of teens 15-19 know how to correctly use a condom - the statistics above become even more grim!

(Information is from The Medical Institute)

Is oral sex safe-sex?

Absolutely not! You can get any STD through oral sex, whether you are giving or receiving oral sex (sucking or licking). Most people with a STD/STI do NOT show any symptoms - see the STD/STI page.

So - what now?

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From a physical perspective (disease and pregnancy protection), condoms do not have the complete protection we have been led to believe. Condoms DO NOT seem to make sex safe enough!

From a spiritual (soul ties) perspective, condoms offer no protection - see Virginity page.

The only absolute protection and best "big picture" deal is to decide not to have sex before you are married. Caution - this decision will take courage!

Where do you want your life to go? Don't rely on chance. Be deliberate - you can stack the circumstances in your favor for a full and successful life.


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