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Your internal sex-drive

Don't lose sight of the original plan
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"God is the creator of sex. He set our human drives in motion, not to torture men and women, but to bring them enjoyment and fulfillment" (8)


Every boy will have his sexual nature awakened in him, often without warning. It will become like a raging fire which God intends him to channel into ultimate expression and ultimate satisfaction with one person in marriage.

The highest level of this sex-drive for a boy's whole lifetime will be between 18 and 20 years of age!

Is your sex-drive something Christian boys should just forget about?

The Bible says that you are "awesomely and wonderfully made." Seven times in the creation account, God looks at what He made and proclaims, "It is good!" The Bible says that your body is "the temple of the Holy Spirit." God made you the sexual young man you are - and He says it's awesome and wonderful! "It is good!" God doesn't see your sexuality as sinful or bad - and nor should you! Your sexuality - like everything about you - is a gift from God, meant to bless you. Your sexuality isn't something you should deny or ignore (as if you can), it's something to be thankful for.

What God intends for your sex-drive

image of typical boyGod obviously had many purposes in mind when he deliberately created our sexual capabilities, from reproduction, to pleasure, to unique union. Like all things He created, it is all very good.

As with many of His wonderful gifts to humankind, it is only when we distort it and misuse it that it becomes twisted and ugly.

Sex in marriage is beautiful, enriching and fulfilling when practiced as He directed. (8)

  • God created our sexual desire - it in itself is not sinful or dirty.
  • Ready or not, the desire will awaken in a boy during his teenage years and will be with him for the rest of his life.
  • Once the sexual desire is awakened in a boy (usually through a wet dream) he is on a steep learning curve. He must learn how this sexual nature functions, what triggers it off, how to control it and how it affects the rest of his being.
  • The sexual drive was created to bring ecstatic (truly great) pleasure to a man and woman in the bounds of marriage. Any other setting (involving another person) produces guilt and robs you of the original intention of satisfaction.
  • The sexual union is a spiritual phenomenon where "the two become one flesh" God intended the act of marriage to be the most sublime (greatest) experience two people could share [together] on earth (8)

For a lot of boys (including Christians) the awakening of the sex drive produces so many problems that they lose sight of the original purpose that God had in mind. Many start to think they are the biggest sinner around and that 'they would be better off without this new dimension to their lives'.

Monogamous (one partner), heterosexual marriage under God was the divine intention; one man and one woman forming an inseparable union and living in dependence on God (36)


image of typical boyI'll compare it to mountain climbers: Sometimes when mountain climbers are climbing a mountain, they become discouraged when they can't see the peak because of mist and fog. They begin to focus on where they are at with all its problems instead of focusing on the future joy and sense of accomplishment at making it to the top.

So you, the teenager need to keep your eyes on the ultimate reason that you have this gift from God of your sex drive. The worry and concerns of the "now" will fade away and disappear, just like the fog and the mist that were blocking the view to the ultimate destination - the mountain top.

Mountain climbers sometimes have to work extremely hard to reach their destination. The thing that keeps them going is that they keep the 'big picture' in mind and that helps to bring obstacles back to a manageable size.

If the 'big picture' becomes distracted to a small 'here-and-now' picture, the motive to pursue the ultimate goal is lost. Keep the 'big picture' (God's purpose for your sexuality) in mind!


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