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Why "Boys Under Attack"?
Our boys are in deep peril. Powerful and sinister forces operate in our world right now. They are bold and stealthy, intent on wrestling greatness from the grasp of our boys. These forces are not always obvious. Collectively, we can learn to spot them and beat them at their game. We can create a generation of boys representing our greatest achievement. As they say, we can hang together, or we can hang alone.
Statistics collected over two decades show an alarming decline in the performance of America's boys--in some respects, a virtual free fall. Boys were doing poorly in school, abusing drugs, committing violent crimes and engaging in promiscuous sex. Young males lost ground by many behavioral indicators at some point in the 1980s and '90s: sharp plunges on some scales, long erosions on others. 60
History is filled with examples of victory at hand, only to be lost due to negligence or stubbornness of the leaders. Every game, every deal, every interaction has a critical moment that affects the final outcome. The difference between winning and losing can come down to a small event. (9)

Many boys and young men are deceived and driven to the point of destruction simply because they believe lies about their normal sexual development.

In Australia, 20% of teenagers will have some sort of mental illness by the time they are an adult! These are alarming figures whichever way you look at them or where ever people like to put the blame.

It is like our Boys are Under an invisible Attack!

The Bible says "...the truth shall set you free".


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