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About the guy who put all this effort in


Australian flagThe author is a 52 year old male living in the state of New South Wales, Australia. He has spent the last 30 years involved with church youth groups and boys' sport groups on a casual basis after normal work hours. His identity is not revealed in order to protect those who have contributed to the pages on the site. Normal paid work is an Electrical Engineer.

His personal church association is with a local modern Christian denomination with a world-wide presence.

He has no formal qualifications in social work, but has studied extensively in order to help the youths who came across his path, many in severe emotional and psychological circumstances.

He has traveled to Russia many times on short term church "mission" trips working in youth summer camps near St Petersburg and an orphanage in the East of Russia - very rewarding experiences!

Reasons for this site

One reason for writing this site is he soon found that some major emotional and behavioral problems with male youth were alleviated, almost miraculously sometimes, when the young person learned that what was happening to him was normal development phases that every male passes through.

Another reason for writing this site is to alert parents to the different ways boys think these days compared with the author's teenage days. In a nutshell:

  • The author's generation was largely ignorant about their sexual development.
  • This generation believes lies about their normal sexual development! They tend to view everything in relation to "could this mean I'm gay or a sex maniac" and adopt inappropriate strategies to cope with their private diagnosis.

A third reason for this site is to counter some other 'information' sites directed at teenagers on the www. Have you seen the number of sites offering 'impartial' help to questioning teens? Have you seen the sites that answer the teenager's questions and then actively promote sexual relations between children of almost any age? Plenty of the information out there is loud and constant and becomes "truth" to our youth because of the repetitive way it is presented by the media.

By presenting another viewpoint, the young people who access this site can hopefully see a bigger picture and make more informed decisions on life matters.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome at the email address on the Contact link.


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