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It's got lots of stuff about what's normal about your body and it tells you the actual truth, not the crap your friends try and tell you! (email from 14 year old boy - New Zealand)

Absolute Basics

Puberty (boy2man changes)

Puberty begins when your body is ready - not when you decide. No one ever seems to be completely prepared for all that is about to happen during this time. Learn to accept the changes and the timing of it all - you can't stop the changes or delay them!


All teenage boys get unwanted erections and worry there is something wrong with them. Learn to hide them the best you can when out in public!

Wet Dreams, Sexy Dreams

These are really common with teenage boys and a lot of guys worry about what the dream was about. You can't stop the dream or the wet bed! The nature of the dream does not mean much so don't read anything into it.


All boys will be able to make a list of unwanted private gay stuff that has happened in their life by the time they are an adult! The 'list' does not mean you are gay!


Nearly all boys begin to masturbate regularly during their teenage years. There is a balance that must be learned to keep this a positive activity to manage the sexual tension which builds up over time.


All boys, during puberty, get a strong interest in other peoples' bodies. Lust can't be eliminated and is there to eventually bond you to your lifelong sexual partner when you marry. In the meantime you need to learn to control your eyes and direct your sexuality positively.


All boys find a strong attraction to porn during the teenage years. This desire shows you that things are falling into place ready for your lifelong sexual partner. You must also learn to control this attraction until you can share another's body in marriage.


The best "big picture" choice for your life is to be a virgin when you marry! The choice rests solely with you and you will live with the consequences of your choice.


Most guys worry their penis is too big or small or thick or thin or straight or bent or long or short or just plain different. Nearly every guy worries about this, especially in their teenage years! You are most likely more normal than you imagine!

About this site

This site is the result of feedback from boys having trouble coming to terms with their emerging sexuality. You'll find straight talk on tough life issues with an authority that comes from the thinking of many modern Christian churches and organizations. I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

youth workerOne aspect that struck me about your site was how it resonates the voice of a boy. I feel that what you write is "true" in the sense that it is neither prettified, nor dramatized or oversold. I see an honest depiction of a young male. female youth worker - Europe - anonymity requested

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This site contains sexually explicit language in order to convey factual information and relevant feedback from other teenagers.


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Most guys feel like there is something wrong with them when it comes to their sexuality!


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